Are these one-of-a-kind ceramics?

    Yes. Every item has been completely hand-crafted by Thom and Sydne Schinkel. Our signature                                    appears on every item. Occasionally a vessel is too small for a signature and carries our GRS logo.


    Can I cook on these and eat from them?

    Yes. With the exception of our pit fired vessels and, of course wall art, all items are high fired porcelain or stoneware. Our glazes, which are actually colored glass, are lead and barium free. Platters, bowls, etc. are very heat resistant and can be safely heated to 450 degrees provided that you do not shock them from cold to hot or vice versa. Do not put them over direct flame.


    Will these ever fade or become brittle?

    No. High fired stoneware will retain its strength, durability, and color. It is not effected by the elements and can last a thousand years or more. Pit fired vessels are fired to a much lower temperature and are not water resistant. They are not suitable for food and should not be washed or displayed in direct sunlight. As with all ceramic items, commercial dinnerware, etc. stoneware will break if dropped or struck against a hard surface.


    Are these items as colorful as the pictures?

    The items were photographed using quartz-halogen lighting which is similiar to sunlight. The colors will vary somewhat depending upon your computer's presentation. If you view the item under fluorescent lighting, incandescent lighting or in direct sunlight, you will see a remarkable color shift.


    Can these accrue value over time?

    Possibly. However, we suggest that that you not base your decision upon future profit but rather upon the pride of ownership. We put a lot of love into our creations and believe that love is a permanent part of the item. As these items can last forever, they make wonderful gifts and family heirloom.


    What are the speckles in the clay and glazes?

    Sydne generally uses clay with a noticeable  iron content, or she adds magnetite particles gathered from the local dry washes. After a rain, the black iron gathers together in streaks on top of the sand and can easily be picked up using a magnet.


    Do you add the wood before or after you fire the pot?

    Believe it or not, we have been asked this question several times, and our mental reaction is “Really? Don’t you know that wood burns?” One thing you might not know, is that clay shrinks. Between the time of throwing or building and the last firing, a ware, depending upon the type of clay that is being used, can shrink anywhere from 18% to 30%. The clay must be shrink tested and the final size determined and allowed for when making the ware. This is especially important when making sinks, where the drain hole has to be a specified size.


    Can I pay with a check or money order?

    Yes. Please contact us for our mailing address. Your purchased item will ship after the check or money order has cleared.


    Can I make a reserve installment?

    PayPal will finance most purchases. PayPal should provide the option at checkout.


    Do you accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express?

    We use PayPal to conduct all internet transactions. PayPal will accept your credit card. Credit cards can be directly accepted at our studio and showroom.


    Is shipping included in the price?

    No. Rather than increasing our prices to cover shipping we prefer to let you know exactly what you are paying for the item and the cost of shipping. Most items will be shipped via UPS Ground. Some delicate items require professional packing. The packing, destination, and mode of transport will all effect the shipping cost. These items are identified under "Shipping" on the item page. If purchase is desired, please contact us for a shipping quote.

    Why does your packing materials look previously used?

    Because they have been. To cut costs and lessen our impact upon the environment, we reuse perfectly good boxes and packing materials whenever possible.

    What should I do if my purchase arrives damaged?

    In the unlikely event, notify both us and the carrier as soon as possible. All shipments are insured for the full purchase price.





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